“Aligning on expectations from each stakeholder – academia, start-ups, and corporations – is a key to establishing trust and long-term success."


World-class research

3 years


18.000 BAM/total

tuition fee

50%/1 year


1 November

start date

About IBU PhD

International BURCH University is the first choice for all students passionate about market-driven thinking and personal success. The British-owned university is entrepreneurial and agile and is accredited by top accreditation bodies both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Kingdom. IBU doctoral programs typically involve high-level positions in research, consulting and academia.

PhD students use their advanced expertise and analytical skills to make substantial contributions in their respective fields. International BURCH University encourages research in interdisciplinary areas through a system of joint supervision and cross-departmental engagement.

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International Burch

As the preeminent entrepreneurial university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, International BURCH University (IBU) is dedicated to teaching excellence and high student satisfaction, personalised mentoring and practical research leading up to superior student employment outcomes and lasting community impact.

The British-owned university is young, agile and accredited by top accreditation bodies both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Kingdom. International BURCH University is the first choice for all students passionate about real-world solutions, market-driven thinking and personal success.


"Ph.D. study at the GBE department gives me an opportunity to grow both as a student and researcher since the academic and administrative staff is supportive and contributes a lot to academic training and development. The study helps students to critically think, conceptualize, design and start their own study and participate in scientific research, which is of utmost importance for those who want to contribute to the science."

Nermin Đuzić, PhD student

"The essence of Ph.D. program in Architecture and Urban Planning at IBU generates opportunities that continually challenge me to reach my full potential and realize plans in both personal and professional spheres. I am especially excited about the prospect of implementing my innovative approaches and contribute to scientific endeavors in Bosnia and Hercegovina."

Nerma Smajlović Orman, PhD student

"Ph.D. experience in IBU Genetics and Bioengineering department is the perfect mix of the latest discoveries that are actively being discussed. IBU staff are professional with a warm and collegial approach to us, Ph.D. students!"

Adna Sijerčić, PhD student

"The fact that my research interests correspond to the research opportunities offered by the Department of English Language and Literature was what prompted me to pursue PhD studies here at International Burch University. The structure of the program is challenging and ensures continuous productivity and research in various areas and aspects. Approachable and supportive faculty members are setting high standards yet make available the means and knowledge necessary for achieving not only curricular but also personal goals."

Emnijeta Ahmetović, PhD student

"Vjerujući u moć znanja i činjenicu da je investiranje u obrazovanje najbolja životna investicija, odlučila sam da upišem doktorske studije na Univerzitetu koji ide u korak sa globalnim standardima obrazovanja. Nakon dužeg istraživanja brojnih univerziteta na teritoriji Bosne i Hercegovine i zemalja regiona, te njihovih programa i kompetencija nastavnog kadra, moj izbor je bio Univerzitet Burch, koji je i ispunio sva moja očekivanja."

Ana Lojić, PhD student