Master in Business Administration (MBA)

"Leadership for creating entreprenuial thinking, actions, institutions and entreprenuership capital"


Market-driven MBA

1-2 years


6.000 BAM/year

tuition fee

up to 50%


1 October

start date

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

The Burch Master in Business Administration is designed for the aspiring individuals with industry experience, mid to top management and executives with recently acquired or significantly expanded management responsibilities.

The program is also appropriate for those who have important cross-functional and/or cross-organizational responsibilities, who need to broaden their perspective on company operations, or who will soon become business unit, divisional or regional leaders.

Those who need to develop a more comprehensive, integrated perspective and desire to sharpen their strategic, financial and leadership skills will surely benefit most from Burch Master education.

Program structure

One program - three options

2-year (3+2) with thesis

Open to all Bachelor majors (120 ECTS).

1-year (4+1) with thesis

Open to all Bachelor majors (120 ECTS).

1 year (4+1) non thesis

This program consists of 60 ECTS.

International Burch

As the preeminent entrepreneurial university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, International BURCH University (IBU) is dedicated to teaching excellence and high student satisfaction, personalised mentoring and practical research leading up to superior student employment outcomes and lasting community impact.

The British-owned university is young, agile and accredited by top accreditation bodies both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Kingdom. International BURCH University is the first choice for all students passionate about real-world solutions, market-driven thinking and personal success.


"The MBA program was a great experience overall. Courses were easy to follow thanks to the staff which was more than open and flexible in their approach. I feel ready to upgrade my career now and welcome new challenges as the Master of Business Administration."

Mirela Halvadžija

"The decision to pursue an MBA at IBU was a smart one. MBA schedule gave me the flexibility to attend courses, work full time, and spend time with my family. Sharing real-life experiences from colleagues and lecturers enabled me to actively apply knowledge in my career."

Nejra Šteta

"Studying the MBA program at the best private entrepreneurial University in Bosnia and Herzegovina provided me with a special life experience where I gained professional development and growth. I am extremely impressed with the professionalism, expertise and quality of the program. I would recommend this MBA program to everyone because it allows you to design your career path rather than waiting for the next opportunity to come along."

Lejla Šehanović

"IBU’s MBA program is exactly what I needed after having 20+ years of work experience. It is an excellent program for managers with experience or those looking to advance their careers. I enjoyed interacting with students and professors who brought different perspectives to various topics discussed in our classes. It also boosted my confidence to look for leadership opportunities and apply my skills and knowledge in an international setting. I highly recommend it."

Dženita Korac Kolja

"Earning an MBA at IBU completely shifted my mindset and increased my opportunities in a highly competitive job market abroad."

Amra Grcić

"Svima bih preporučio MBA program! Profesori i predavači na Burch univerzitetu, osim znanja, podstiču svoje studente na kritičko razmišljanje. Budite dio tima ovog univerziteta!"

Ermin Tarčin